How to be a Successful Bridal Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

An in depth theory course that covers topics ranging from starting up a business to how to get work. This course is designed for those newly qualified and just starting out in their career, artists/stylists who have been working in the industry but aren’t booking enough paid work, and those who only provide their services on a part time basis and wish to take the plunge to pursue a full time career.

Price: £700

Course covers:

Setting up your bridal business | Websites | Pricing | Business Cards | Requirements for running your business | 7 steps to finding the ideal client | Where to find referrals | Initial contact with the bride | Health & Safety | The Preview | Preparation for working on the wedding day | Bridal Schedule | The Wedding Day | Bridezillas! | Techniques for booking more brides | Expanding your team | Potential revenue streams for expansion