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Classroom Courses



Over the three days you will be taught how to create three hair & make up looks for three different periods which will be either 1920s to 1940s or 1950s to 1980s.

Includes make-up, including brushes, hair equipment and products.

Price: £ 450

*Please note that this workshop does not include our mentoring programme.


Includes makeup and hair kit, brush kit, and studio photo shoot with professional model and photographer

Price: £ 3550

Course covers:

Make Up:

Hygiene | Brushes & Tools | Product Knowledge | Basic Skin Care | Colour theory | Morphological studies of face and eyes | Flawless foundation | Contour & highlighting | Corrective make up techniques | Eye shadow techniques | Natural Make up | Asian Bridal | Bridal Make up | Dark skin make up | Oriental make up | Prom Make up | Evening Make up | Make up for mature skin | Vintage Makeup | Airbrush Make up | Masterclasses


Hygiene | Brushes & Tools | Hair prep | Sectioning | Blow drying | Backcombing | Creating different curls such as soft curls, beachy waves, corkscrew curls Plaits and braids | Methods of ponytails based styles | Working with padding and doughnuts | Working with extensions & hair pieces | Correct pinning techniques | Hot roller setting techniques | Hot tongs techniques | Straightening and curling with irons | Bridal styles | Vintage styles | Asian bridal hairstyles | Prom & evening styles


An in depth theory course that covers topics ranging from starting up a business to how to get work. This course is designed for those newly qualified and just starting out in their career, artists/stylists who have been working in the industry but aren’t booking enough paid work, and those who only provide their services on a part time basis and wish to take the plunge to pursue a full time career.

Price: £700

Course covers:

Setting up your bridal business | Websites | Pricing | Business Cards | Requirements for running your business | 7 steps to finding the ideal client | Where to find referrals | Initial contact with the bride | Health & Safety | The Preview | Preparation for working on the wedding day | Bridal Schedule | The Wedding Day | Bridezillas! | Techniques for booking more brides | Expanding your team | Potential revenue streams for expansion


This course offers more in-depth makeup techniques along with hairstyling.

Price: £ 1790
includes professional makeup and hair kit, and studio photo shoot with professional model and photographer.

Course covers:

Hygiene | Brushes & Tools | Morphological studies of face and shapes | Contour & Highlighting | Shading techniques | Makeup from natural to sophisticated evening | Hygiene (Hairstyling) | Hair Prep | Tools and how to handle them correctly | Blow drying | Curling using rollers, curling tongs | Hair straightening | Backcombing and pin securing techniques | Up to 6 different hairstyles


This course is ideal for makeup artists who wish to expand their skills, complete beginners or hairdressers who wish to extend their hairdressing skills. This course covers fashion as well as bridal styling.

Price: £ 1500

includes hair kit and products, photo shoot with professional photographer and model in photographic studio. Makeup artist will be provided.

Course covers:

Hygiene | Hair products and tools | Sectioning and preparation | Blow drying | Setting | Fashion, catwalk, natural and dramatic styling | Bridal styles | Creating curls including barrel, tight and loose curls | GHD’s | Plaiting | Hair pieces and extensions-using temporary hair to create and enhance styles | Beehives and French Pleats | Celebrity looks | Fashion editorials | Photographic hair styling- how to quickly change looks for the fast pacing photo shoots