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bridal styling


It is not just the brides that require help choosing their attire, the groom also now faces an endless array of choice. Men are now wanting and able to put their own stamp on their wedding day style. This can be a daunting task especially for a groom that is more comfortable in jeans and t-shirt. This course will allow you to provide an additional service to the groom and his groomsmen.

Price: £ 1350

Includes full set of colour drapes, grooming kit and products, photo shoot with professional photographer and model in photographic studio.

Course covers:

Working with & creating a mood board | Colour consultation | Styling consultation: – how to conduct a face and figure analysis to include body shape, scale proportions and line. | Choosing a suit plus combining suit, shirt & tie colours | Tailoring, fit, sizing and quality | Accessories-including ties, shoes, belts and watches | Grooming-including hair, beards and sideburns


This course is designed for bridal boutique owners wishing to provide a more personal service to their clients, anyone interested in bridal designs or brides wishing to design their own wedding dress. Basic drawing skills will be required.

Price: £ 1500

Includes drawing tools and custom made dress

Course covers:

Wedding dress styles | Creating and working with a mood board | Fabrics and trimmings | Wedding dress design | At the end of the course the chosen design will be made by our dressmakers.


Price: £2300

Includes colour drapes and custom-made dress.

Course covers:

Colour consultation using individual and corporate drapes (tonal system) | Colour theory | Style consultation | Wedding dress styles | Wedding dress shopping | How to create a mood board | History of wedding dresses & bridal traditions | Wedding dress design | How to accessorise | Location photo shoot with professional model, makeup artist & hair stylist